Hi friends
Im sorry to say that but Iraqi sitiuation became very scary now and there is curfew 8:00am----- 4:00pm
and from 8:00pm ------5:00ameverday and for three days till now .
and below is the staory and this story will exiplain to you why that happened .
next story will be about crimes in Iraq /part 2

Civil war was on the gates
In 22nd of Feb 2006 morning some of armedmen
attacked Ali Al-Hadi mosque in Samarra (north Baghdad 150 km),they attacked the guards and destroyed the big dome on the mosque and there are two Imams buried there (Ali Al-Hadi & hasan Al Askari)and they are holy Imams for Muslims and specially for Shia and this attack made big noise and after that shia go down to the street and demonstrated in many of Iraqi cities and they were very ungry and they (shia)start attack sunni mosques and killed some of Sunni shaikhs (Imams) .
Mr Tarik Al Hashimi (head of Islamic party )sunni party )said: in 22nd of Feb 100 Sunni mosque attacked in deferent Iraqi places and some of them occupied by shia and they burn others.and also they (shia)attacked Islamic party building in Basra .
Al-Sistani and Muqtada Al-Sadr (the most important shia Imams in Iraq) asked the shia in Iraq to be quite and also said its not allow to any shia to attack Sunni mosque ,and about Ali Al-Hadi mosque attack ,Al-Sadr charge occupation forces and Al Zarqawi group in this attack .

Adnan Al-Dulaimi and Ahmad al-Samarra'e (the important Sunni leader) condemn these attacks on Ali Al-Hadi mosque in Samarra and also the attacks on other Sunni mosques and Al-Dulaimi asked Iraqi people to be quite because occupation forces want us to fight between each other (as he said).

After one the demo in Baghdad city center in 22nd of Feb i interview two of shia people and first one was.
Mr.Haider Hasan (shia)37 years old ,he work in ministry of oil and he said:
We are (mean shia) very angry today because some of terrorists attacked one of most important holy mosque for us and in this demo we ask Iraqi government to protect our mosques and Imams who buried in side the mosques,
we vote for Al Ja'afari government in last election and they should take there responsibilities to protect at less our holy Imams graves.

--Who did these attack ?
I think ,there were from Ba'ath party(saddam party) because when they lost there control on Iraq they want to destroy it by making civil war between Sunni and shia.

--Who attack Sunni mosques?
At first ,I’m against that (he said) and i think they were some of not education shia people and couldn't control on there feelings and they start attack Sunni mosques and i would like to ask them to stop that because we don’t want this problem to be big and big.

22nd interview was with Mr. Abd Ali (shia),42 years old and he organized this demo and he said:
I organized this peace demo to send massage saying we have peace way to protesting against this bombing in Samarra but other shia people brought there guns and so difficult to control on their anger feelings (he said).

Who did that attack in samarra?

I think occupation forces and the people who were in ba'ath patry because both want to destroy Iraq from inside , and also our Iraqi government have big responsibilities in that attack because they didn’t protect the mosque well .

And we interview other two Sunni persons and first one was ,Mr.Omar Hamid 30 years old ,member of Islamic party .
(Omar) We feel sorry for the attacks on Samarra and other Sunni mosques and in the same time we feel very sorry for what happened for some of shia people in Iraq and how there reaction was bad when they heard about Samarra attack directly they go and attacked many Sunni mosques ,and i blame our prime minister Ibrahim Al-Ja'afari when he said to shia people (don’t attack Sunni mosques)that mean he charge Sunni people before he make sure ,and i think it was better for him to say (Iraqi government will open investigation about this attack in Samarra and we will punish the accused).

--Who did this attack in Samarra?

Occupation forces and who cooperated with them because occupation forces want to make Iraqi people busy with civil war and that will make it easier for them (occupation forces)to do there plans in Iraq .
and im sure the persons who do this attack in Samarra have permission to move in Samarra because it was curfew in samarra at that time .

-Who attacked Sunni mosques?

Really I’m sorry to say that ,some shia militia (Al-Mahdi militia)did that and they don’t know how much they help the occupation forces to do there plans in Iraq to make civil war in these kinds of attacks

22nd interview was with Mr.. Alaa Ahmed , 32 years old , free work and he said :
I would like to say to shia ,Ali Al Hadi mosque is Sunni mosque and the two holy Imams ( Ali Al Hadi & Hasan Al Askari) were for both Sunni & shia that mean we are angry about that bomb like shia .and now we became angry more because of attacking in our Sunni mosques , but we respect our shaikhes when they asked us to be quite , and also I can't imagine I can fight with other Iraqis and ¥ hope that will never happen .

--who did the bomb in Ali Al Hadi mosque ?

I think the criminals who bombed in Ali Al Hadi mosgue were the same criminals who attacked Sunni mosques .
I saw one of attacks on Sunni mosque (Alaa said) it happened in front of me on Al- Quds mosque in Al Baladiyat area east Baghdad, I saw many land grousers cars came to Al- Quds mosque and they opened fire towards the mosque and when i saw them I became sure they got training before because they know what they do very well.

--Your hopes to Iraq and your massage to Iraqi shia people?
I hope Iraq will pass this problem in safe and i hope occupation will end as quick as possible and my massage to shia is (be careful from occupation collusion and to remember Sunni and shia are Muslims and all these mosques for Muslims.

In 23ed of Feb there was press conference for Association of Muslims Scholars representative by Abdul Salam Al-Kubaisi and it was other Shia Association ,this conference was to end this problem (to drop water on the fire).

Abdul Salam said:
The number of sunni mosque who attacked became bigger than yesterday its 168 mosques till now in deferent places in Iraq and 18 Sunni Shaikhs got kill till now .
Sunni in Iraq have big power (he add)and everyone in the world know very well how the Sunni in Iraq resist occupation forces and how it was big resistance and we will never use this power against shia because we both are Iraqi ,and we hope shia will understand that and use there power against occupation forces too to liberate Iraq and i ask them not to use there power against Sunni mosques .
and i would like to remind Al-Sadr how Sunni go and help there Iraqi brothers from shia in Najaf war in 2004 ,and i ask them to stop what they doing in Sunni mosques now

and till now every Iraqi afraid from the resulte of that attack and you can see that in Iraqi street all the shopes are closed and no one in the street everyone hide his family in the houses and Iraqi government did nothing real to end this problem just promice in the truth is the police and Iraqi army watch the militia when they do there crimes.
スンニのモスクの破壊数は昨日より多くて、168に上った。まだ破壊が続き、18人のスンニ派聖職者が殺された。 イラクにおけるスンニ派の力は強く、世界中の人々が占領軍と戦っているのがスンニ派だと知っている。私たちは絶対にこのスンニ派の力をシーア派に向けない。私たちは双方ともイラク人だ。私たちはシーアの人々がその力を占領軍に向け、イラクを自由にする事を願う。その力をスンニ派に向けないようにお願いする。私はサドル師を守るために、04年シーアの聖地ナジャフに多くのスンニ派が馳せ参じたことを言いたい。スンニ派のモスクを破壊してはならない。

I feel sorry about my country all the street in Baghdad became empty and there is no kids in the road and when you walk in one of Baghdad street you feel you are in city for coasts

this story wrote by Isam Rasheed .



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