nishitani: 2014年6月アーカイブ


Most of my neghibours left from the beginning 
And now after 15 days fighting Us warplanes
 Start helping the Iraqi government again 
And will make the fighting going worse 
The life in Iraq became like hell and danger 

And no way to leave north , west and east Baghdad there is fighting and the shitte live south Baghdad with big number militia so I and many families are srounded now 
Every day iraqi army raided homes and arrested many innocent people and many dead bodies found at Baghdad morgue after some days after they get arrested by army 
And with all of the now we face unknown future

And with this chaos and bad situation my wife and my family asking me to stop working as journalist because its became a crazy profession in this situation .
Thank you friend and tell all our friend in Japan about our situation and pass my deep and honest love to you and to all of them and to my second country (((( Japan )))).
Your friend 



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